How to Hide Tabs in Google Chrome

When you search your homework, song lyrics or the latest news, where else would you go? Google Chrome. Chrome is a browser that is ran by Google. It is the latest web browser that people nowadays use. It is fast and reliable. People have different needs and tastes when it comes to their browsing experience. Good thing that Google Chrome also has a wide variety of options and extensions that you can choose from. 

Other people want to hide surprise gifts which they found in an online store from its recipient and others just want to have their privacy during a public usage of their computer. But no matter what that reason is, you all have one goal: Hide that tab.

Also, hiding a tab is useful when browsing while at work. Most employers disallow irrelevant web browsing while at work. So as an employee, you can take this advantage while doing what you want on the web.

So here are the steps on hiding tabs in Google Chrome:

Launch or open Google Chrome: You can use your laptop, cell phone, iPad, computer and so on.Look for the “+” sign. It is located on the upper right side of the Google Chrome window when you are trying to browse the web. Hit the F11 sing on your keyboard. This will create the current view full screen and hide your address bar and all tabs that you have opened.

Re-press the F11 sign. This is to undo what you have done and have a visible tab and address bar again.

Establish a “Panic Button.” You can get this button from the Chrome Web Store. Go there and find the Install Button. If you have found it, click it and allow “Panic Button” to install.

Surf the web and open tabs.

Hit the “Panic Button.” It is found at the right side of your address bar. You can now hide all your tabs and open a new tab by using your Google Chrome. You can also change the settings to navigate a blank page or go to a different Web page using the Extension management window and pressing on the Option link which can be found beside the Panic Button. A drop-down list can be found under the “Safe Page” options. It will allow you to change settings. 

Surfing the net is a very good past time. But when other people are looking at what you are doing and you do not like this situation, you can now hide your tabs.

As difficult as it might seem, hiding your tabs is not a very difficult job. You can follow these steps and hide the tabs that you want to hide.

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