How to Clean Laptop Screen

Laptops are no doubt the best replacement of personal computers. They are very convenient because they can be carried wherever you go. It is also deemed best for people who have businesses, whether big or small.

But laptops’ convenience can be undermined by dirty screens. Given that all electronic devices are susceptible to dusts, laptops are often affected by all-day dusts.

Thus, it is better to regularly clean your laptop’s screen because dusts do not affect only screens; they have been also one of the common causes of hardware damages.

Here are some tips on how to clean the screen of your laptop without damaging it.

  1. Use LCD cleaner. This one is often found in computer stores. It is sprayed on the screen to remove dirt. It does not contain ammonia or alcohol and has the capability to clean even residues that are very hard to get rid of. This is also applicable to notebooks and personal computers.
  2. Pour water on a towel. Get a smooth towel and put small amount of water on it. Wipe down on the screen and be gentle in doing it to avoid screen damages or dents.
  3. Mix soap with water. This is also effective in removing dirt on your laptop screen. Dip a towel into a basin that mixes water and soap. Wipe down the screen in circular motion with extra care. Always remember that laptop screens are very sensitive. Thus, they are more likely to get scratches if you wipe carelessly and hardly.
  4. Get Hexane. Hexane is a chemical that can be found from oil. It is often used for cleaning when mixed with solvents. However, make sure that you cover your nose with using it since it has a strong smell. Also, use this carefully as this can be dangerous to the health.
  5. Clean with Petroleum Benzine. It is a substance that is as colorless as Hexane. It is also used for cleaning laptop screens. However, using this one should come with great responsibility because you might burn yourself or your laptop with this if hit by a flame.
  6. Call your laptop experts. There is nothing wrong with getting assistance from other people who you think have better knowledge when it comes to laptops. Do not experiment or force yourself to do steps you are not sure of. Do not hesitate to call to your nearest computer expert shop if things go wrong. Also, these professionals are highly knowledgeable when it comes to technical aspects. Thus, getting advice or help from them is such a good step.  

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