How To Add Page Numbers In Microsoft Word

Writing large documents such has research papers, reports, thesis might need page numbers so that you can put the pages in order. Page numbers can be useful since they allow you arrange the pages in your writing. Detailed below are the steps in adding page numbers to your documents in MS Word 2007 and 2010.

Adding Page Numbers in MS Word 2007

  • Open first the Word Document and go to the “Insert” tab. There you can find the “Page Number” option. Under the Page Number, you can select what format you want your page numbers to appear. The image below shows the “Bottom of Page” format, which is commonly used when adding page numbers. After clicking on Bottom of Page, you can choose one of the samples that you think fit your document
  • After clicking on the sample format you like, Page 1 will then appear right below the “Footer.” The image below shows the “Plain Number 1” sample. You can also decide what design of number you want to add to your document
  • After deciding which sample format you want to add to your document, you might try going to the “Design” tab and select different options such as “Different First Page,” “Different Odd & Even Page” and “Show Document Text.” After that, you can then go to “Print Preview” and analyze if you want to add more to your document

Adding Page Numbers in MS Word 2010

  • The steps in adding page numbers to your document in Word 2010 are similar to Word 2007. The only difference is that you can have several options in Backstage View if you try to view your document in Print Preview.
  • Adding Pages in words can be very useful when writing. It allows you to track your documents and guide the readers as they read.

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