Effective Tools For Converting PDF Files to Another Format

Converting a file format into another format is quiet in demand nowadays due to a variety of purposes that people have. Almost all individuals who are most exposed to technological innovations get used to converting a text document, such as Word, into PDF format. However, converting PDF to Word format is not so widely used. So this article reviews some online solutions and software solutions that are intended to help people who want to convert a PDF file into another text document. 

PDF Online

This web-based online solution is described as one of the most popular sites for converting files online. This online service offers users a 30-day trial period when converting several documents. You can convert limited documents in a single day by signing up for an account on BCL Premium Online. This site is powered by the Easy Converter software from BCL Technologies which offers a 10 megabyte size limit.


Deemed a great and affordable desktop application, DocSmartz is best for giving you any document format you want. This desktop converter sets you to different but easy-to-follow settings when converting a PDF file into another document file.

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter

This is a free version of service with basic and simple steps in converting PDF documents into another formal. What makes it great is that this works in a much easy and quicker way even a lot of images and large files are chosen. 


Zamzar is a free online service that offers free 100MB in converting files. All you need to do in using this service is to enter your valid email address after selecting which format you would like to convert into. What is more is that this online tool allows you to convert into a variety of formats such as TXT, HTML, RTF, PNG, PCX and PS.

ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0

This software solution can also effectively convert PDF files into multiple formats. You can transform your PDF documents into RTF, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, HTML, RTF and TXT. This solution has a lot to offer for your conversion intentions. 

Free PDF Converter

This is an online service that is just like Zamzar. However, the free version of this converter has more limitations, which would prompt you to go for the paid version. You can have unlimited conversions for 9 dollar membership in a month.

BCL Easy Converter Desktop 1.0

This solution is just a simple PDF online service. However, this is a powerful tool when converting PDF files into Word because this is used on your computer desktop, with similar capability as those online services. The trial service for Easy Converter Desktop is downloadable, but if you want to have full service, then you can pay for only 19.95 dollars.

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