Blogging For Fun Or For Fund

Blog is a place where people share their thought and opinion on matter that they expert or they like. Some people just use blog to publicize the opinion and to know what people think about it, but some people they do the same thing but they make money from it.

Blog that make money you can tell by the advertising the blog held. If you look at one blog and it only a text and there is no advertising at all, that is blogging for fun, but if you look at blog and other than text also there is product banner and etc that is blogging for fund.

Sometime blogging for fund killing the original purpose of blog, which is to become place where people sharing thought. but also when blogging only for fun, it such a waste because you do something that you really love and why not getting paid for it.

For me, blogging for fun or fund both have it own advantage and disadvantage. But when it come to pro blogger, usually they blog for money but at same time they have fun because they know what the doing and their main focus is not only to earn big buck but also to have good visitor or good traffic. By hook or by crook they must make people happy to visit the blog, that is how the fun come in.

If you looking to blog for fund and at same time for fun you must have the certain abilities:

  1. Good communication skill – really useful when you need to interact with you visitor.
  2. Good writing skill – make people love to read it, and sure they will come again and again.
  3. Have sense of neat – you must be neat especially in matter of choosing blog topic, design and advertising. dont make people thinking “what the hell happen here?”.
  4. Have sense of humor – do interact well with you visitor and make the happy, humor is not only by joking but there is many other ways.
  5. Realize what you currently doing so if you make any mistake you can fix it right away, before people notice.

Blog for fund is simple but not as easy as it seem. Put some hardwork and determination in it you will be having fun with the blog that making fund.

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