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templatr help

It should should be easy to create an individual Design with the templatr. With a little experimentation you will be able to reach the desired result much more quickly than with endless written explanations. Here I will try to explain the basics.

The section on the left hand side show the first steps, which are necessary for the creation of the Template. During the creation of the Template, you can switch between the sections without any problems. Nothing will be lost.

The first section decides the Layout (how the page is devided ). There are some with “side bar” and extra bar”, and there are some which only have the “side bar”. The “side bar” is shown in yellow, and the “extra bar” in red. The green is the indication for the Content area, the dark blue shows the Header (Top area) and the light blue for the Footer (lower area). You can change the Layout with the arrows, and if you click on to the Design, your selected Layout will be used in the pre view and on your Template. You can change the Layout at any time.

In section two you can add background Pictures and Logos to your Template. The pictures can be added to the selected elements later in the “Designer”. (More to this later) You can add pictures in the following formats: GIF, JPG and BMP. Remote pictures (pictures wich are reached over Url) can at this point not be added. If you want to use pictures in your Design, then it is best to load them all, first onto your Server, so that you can concentrate on the basics of the Desigenr.

In section three, you can decide on the look of the seperate page elements. Everything you can think of can be changed. (all that can be altered with a normal HTML editor). To select an element, a group, klass (elements of the same type) or a HTML-Tag you have two possibilities. You can select the element with the selection boxes which are located over the pre view, or you can just click onto the element you want in the pre-view. If you choose the second possibility, the area in which the element will be placed will highlited in colour (yellow) depending on the type . If it is a group or a HTML-Tag, all the elements of the same type will be colour highlited aswell. Also the so called “Parent element” will be highlited in colour (blue) too. This way you can orientate yourself very quickly and get a feeling of the connections. As an additional help the connection of the selected elements will be depicted below the selection boxes.

Each element can only be changed by choosing an action. Select what you want to change. The Type (Font), the edge (Border) the background etc.etc. By selecting an action a embeded dialog will open with corresponding input area. Here the options should be self explanatory. (An exact description of the seperate options is in work). If you dont quite understand something, just have a go at experimenting with the options, you cant ruin anything. ;-)

The alterations will be saved with a click on the save field. The alterations will be shown instantly.

The fourth and last step is the download. Yes that was all. If you are satisfied with your design, you can now download it as a Zip file. This Zip file now has to be unpacked and copied into the Template directory of your application.

If you just want to test the Design in your application, this is possibible. Your design will be stored on our Server for up to 30 days. If you want to alter something on your Desing, you need to do no more , than to once again open the templatr in your browser. You can carry on from where you left off.

It is not a problem to refresh your site inbetween. The settings will stay as they are.