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Update 20.07.2007

The first upgrade is available only 3 days after the templatr has been released on the 17.07.2007.


Now there is a German Tranlation of the Download available. You can choose between a English and a German version of the Tamplates for the Download.


We have made some adjustments to the Templates, so that these should also function with version 2.02. This seems necessary, because some Hoster, which offer WordPress pre-installed, still use this older version.


A small fault in the Template masters, could have led to some of the text not been displayed. Should this be the case, just download the Template once more. This defect has now been fixed.

Browser compatibility:

I have tested the templatr with the Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox thoroughly. Also i have successfully completed some tests with Opera 9.22. At the moment i have no alternative Browser at hand.


At present, the Template composition is beeing analysed through Joomla and MediaWiki, to make these Tamplates also available in templatr. It is planned for the future to add more Blog Templates. To date i have looked into textpattern, b2evolution, drupal, serendipity and Movable Type.


  • - I would be pleased about feedback over Browser comaptibility.
  • - Which other system should templatr support?

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