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Hello World

templatr is a Template Generator, with which you can create an individual design for your Blog online. You need no knowledge of HTML and no special Software. All you need is a Browser, maybe a little creativity and a small idea of how the finished design should look. You can download the finished Template with a simple click.

Its really childs play!

To make the use of templatr easy, we have put together a collection of the most important options and their meanings under Help.

If you have an idea or requests, let us know via Mail (info@templatr.cc ) or in our Blog, in the form of a comment.

Just have a go, and create your own individual design, which surely noone else has.

And as is usual with us :-)

templatr is for free!

If you feel the need to do something good for us, help us to get our templatr known.

  • ….. Tell your Friends of our service.
  • ….. Write a report in ForumĀ“s where people are looking for such a service.
  • ….. Set a Link to our page on your Homepage (s)

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